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Take a Breath

June 7, 2018






A habit to practice and share. 


Please get as many bars, restaurants, hotels, brands and businesses on board as possible to pro-actively look after each other in the simplest, but most profound way. 





The good news is the training and skill set for this is something we all have. 


We all breathe on average more than 20,000 times per day. Every single one of them is a chance to be mindful, and practice a little self-care. 


At appropriate times during your day (or evening) let’s create an environment where everyone can take a couple of minutes to breathe, and ground themselves. 


To create calm and perspective, or energise and motivate themselves to be the best they can be. 


Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply and feel your emotions in that moment. Where have they come from, and why? Are they helping or hindering you? 


Check in with YOU in the middle of your stress, or the external stimulus which has affected you and remember that you’ve got this. 


HELP each other when you see a friend or colleague feeling stressed or overwhelmed, as we all do from time to time. 


Make supporting each other and understanding the norm rather than the exception. 


When you can’t take a break, TAKE A BREATH- breathe consciously, slowly and come back to yourself. 


CREATE something remarkable for yourself, and for generations to come with one tiny act. 





As teams at the start and end of a shift (where possible- even smaller groups depending how work is- this has to be practical as well as valuable to last). 


Individually when you feel that it would be beneficial, or simply to create a healthy routine and stay in touch with yourself. A few minutes to regroup, a walk and some self-care can change your day, and your life. 


As you leave at the end of your day.


At the start, or end of meetings. 


When real life means you can’t take a break, you can always still TAKE A BREATH- breathe consciously, slowly and come back to yourself.





from toxic thoughts 


from whatever is stressing you 


from unhealthy habits 


from problematic relationships 


from anger and frustration 


from your mind playing tricks on you





to calm your mind 


to be here now 


to find focus 


to remember what’s important 


to look after yourself 


to feel empowered, and in control 





Let’s take a minute to help ourselves, and each other. 


Let’s create a simple, honest, collaborative movement to help absolutely everyone at work and beyond, and revel in the irony of Scottish people being at the forefront of wellness, as opposed to just renowned for being pro-am loons and deep-frying everything the world over. 


Please do share thoughts and ways to engage- this a conversation and a vote which becomes louder and stronger the more people get involved. Above all, let’s look after ourselves, and each other every day- as I’ve said before and fully believe tiny acts of kindness can be revolutionary. Let’s start a revolution. 







Stop for a moment


Breathe in for a count of 4


Hold for 4


Breathe out for 4 


Repeat 5 times.


(If you don’t have time simply do this once at any time during your day to centre and find yourself in the middle of everything) 






If you have an iPhone, try this amazing (free) app: Breathe Sync


Try these books as well if you feel inclined-


1- Do Breathe: Calm Your Mind. Find Focus. Get Stuff Done. 


2- And Breathe: The complete guide to conscious breathing – the key to health, wellbeing and happiness


3. The Art of Breathing



Have an amazing day.


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