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Bridging gaps with Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight.

September 14, 2017


The beauty of food and drink is that it connects us all. Young or old, rural or urban, rich or poor, we all share the need for nutritional sustenance and most of us share an enjoyment of great tasting food and drink.


If we share a desire to indulge in great food and drink then surely it goes without saying that we would all wish to feed ourselves the very best Scottish produce every day? Despite the odd anomaly, Scotland’s wide ranging larder already has a strong worldwide reputation, and yet provenance plays a part in decision-making far less than it ought to.

The incentives are great  - taste, history, traceability, welfare - but the barriers often hard to overcome – perception of expense, poor labelling, lack of sourcing  -  all meaning that too often we choose products from elsewhere in the world before choosing something grown or made on our doorstep. 


Farming, fishing, food and drink is Scotland’s most valuable industry, recognised at home and abroad as a world leader. Ambition 2030 is the growth strategy that will develop the great successes already achieved over the last ten year and grasp opportunities to ensure that Scotland is the world’s most exciting food and drink industry and hit the £30 billion turnover target.


The growth and increased profile of Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight is just one of the tools at the disposal of the food and drink sector, and critical to Ambition 2030, when trying to make Scottish produce the first choice in homes, restaurants, bars, offices and schools across not only Scotland but the world.



Launched, with the help of Graham Suttle, at BAaD (Barras Art and Design), Glasgow, Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight is encouraging inclusivity, recognising that by keeping its messages simple and breaking down barriers, it is an initiative that can be supported and embraced by Scotland’s entire population, regardless of age, geography or budget.


A celebration of those who grow, make, cook or sell Scottish food and drink, Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight showcases the abundance of food and drink available in Scotland. Every product, from potatoes and vodka to raspberries and cream, has a story to tell but, understandably, the prospect of embracing every single product on our doorstep is a daunting one.



This is why the message behind Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2017 is a simple one. Don’t try to revolutionise your eating, or your kitchen. Simply make one change (#onethingfortnight) which means you are doing your bit for the Scottish food and drink sector and all those who rely on it to make a living. If we all, whether parent, caterer, chef, bar manager or hotelier, switched just one product to a Scottish alternative, we can make a significant impact on the industry.


Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever your likes or dislikes, #onethingfortnight is something that can not only feed your love of great tasting food and drink, but also help to grow the Scottish food and drink industry and the 119,000 people working within it.

What’s your #onethingfortnight?   


Please share it with us on @scotfoodfort #scotfoodfort #onethingfortnight 


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